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À propos de quelques récents romans-péplums en anglais

Sous des couvertures alléchantes, on trouve sur et sous la plume de Kevin Ashman, Sam Barone, Jason Born, Nick Brown, Christian Cameron, John Henry Clay, Berwick Coates, Bernard Cornwell, Peter Darman, Lindsey Davis, Gordon Doherty, Angus Donald, Robert Fabbri, David Gibbins, Conn Iggulden, Douglas Jackson, Ben Kane, James Mace, William Napier, R.W. Peake, Anthony Riches, Simon Scarrow, Manda C. Scott, Tim Severin, Harry Sidebottom, S.J.A. Turney, Henry Venmore-Rowland, James Wilde, quantité de romans dont les résumés semblent prometteurs. Certains ont même été traduits en français (Lindsey Davis, Conn Iggulden, Manda C. Scott)...


De la destruction du sanctuaire druidique de l'île de Man à la révolte de Boudicca, les heures terribles de la sujétion de la Bretagne à Rome.

Roman/III - The Wrath of Boudicca by K.M. Ashman (11 juillet 2013)
Roman/II - The Rise of Caractacus by K.M. Ashman (12 décembre 2012)
Roman/I - The Fall of Britannia by K.M. Ashman (29 novembre 2011)

Roman - The Fall of Britannia - K.M. Ashman (29 novembre 2011)
Britannia. The last unconquered stronghold of the Celts and a land of gold and slaves. A dangerous place of men without fear, led by mystical Druid warriors, yet still to face the might of Rome in the unrelenting expansion of the Empire. Four Roman legions have assembled in Gaul undertaking final preparations for the invasion of Britannia and two young men are posted to a training cohort under the sadistic tutorage of battle scarred veteran, Remus. The training is brutal but eventually the trainees find themselves involved in their first campaign, The invasion of Britannia. The legions invade in a frenzy of brutality and one of the defending Celtic warriors is forced to flee the battle to embark on a frantic rescue mission to the isle of Druids, where a young girl is due to be sacrificed. Meanwhile a cohort of legionaries under the command of Remus is tasked with finding the source of the Celtic gold. The Romans find themselves in strange and unfriendly environment and as they close in on their quarry, the fates of all four men become intertwined and a long held secret revealed, culminating in a savage climax that affects the very future of Britannia.



Avec la Saga d'Eskkar, Sam Barone se plait à retracer l'histoire des royaumes d'Akkad et de Sumer, 3.000 ans avant notre Ère.

Born and raised in New York, Sam Barone attended Manhattan College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1965, with a major in Psychology. After a hitch in the Marine Corps, he became a software developer and manager. After spending nearly 30 years in the software development game, he retired in 1999 to start working on his second career: writing.

Eskkar & Bracca. Rogue Warriors/1 (The Eskkar Saga) by Sam Barone (12 juillet 2013)
Clash of Empire (The Eskkar Saga/6) by Sam Barone (14 octobre 2013)
Battle for Empire (The Eskkar Saga/5) by Sam Barone (2 mai 2013)
Quest for Honour (The Eskkar Saga/4) by Sam Barone (2 septembre 2010)
Empire Rising (The Eskkar Saga/3) by Sam Barone (5 mars 2009)
Dawn of Empire (The Eskkar Saga/2) by Sam Barone (24 avril 2008)
Eskkar & Trella. The Beginning (The Eskkar Saga/1) by Sam Barone (1er février 2012)

Eskkar & Trella - The Beginning (The Eskkar Saga/1) - Sam Barone (1er février 2012)
Eskkar & Trella - The Beginning is the latest novel in Sam Barone's five part series, a bronze age historical saga in the tradition of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and Jean Auel.
In Dawn of Empire, Eskkar the warrior and Trella the keen-witted slave girl come together in a mighty struggle to survive a barbarian invasion and build mankind's first walled city. But Eskkar's story began many years earlier, when his family was brutally murdered in a blood feud. His name and heritage obliterated, young Eskkar flees his clan and the only life he knows. Condemned as an outcast, he learns to survive, hunted by his own kind, and hated and feared by all others.
For fifteen years, Eskkar wanders the Land Between the Rivers, home of his hereditary enemies, fighting to stay alive and to reach manhood. All the while he is learning the skills that will one day make him not only a true warrior, but a leader of men on and off the battlefield.
Trella, too, witnesses her family destroyed in a single night of vengeance, and her life of ease and privilege lost. Captured and sold to a slave trader, she must use her keen mind, extraordinary perception, and perfect memory to regain control of her life. While appearing to serve her masters, Trella learns to manipulate the powerful men who now own her body. Soon she becomes the unseen influence whose knowledge and training guide the way to the founding of an empire.
Eskkar and Trella join together and form a unique bond that enables them to overcome the limits their world has placed upon them. These are the stories of their journeys toward one another and to their shared destiny - an enduring love that changes civilization forever.

Dawn of Empire (The Eskkar Saga/2) - Sam Barone (24 avril 2008)
Three thousand years before the birth of Christ. An epic conflict is about to begin. The price of victory ? Civilization. The price of defeat, a return to the dark ages.
The hopes of civilization rest on one man's shoulders: Eskkar, once a barbarian, nowa warrior in charge of defending a small town which lies in the path of a vastbarbarian war party. The last time the invaders came to Orak, they spared no one and the tiny candle of trade and agriculture that had begun there, the first in all of human history, was extinguished.
But Eskkar and Trella, the beautiful slave girl he has been given by the grateful townsfolk, and the raggle-taggle army he has inherited are not going to flee. They will fight against the overwhelming odds with foolhardy bravery, subtle ingenuity and the last drop of their blood. On this tiny band the lathe of history will turn: victory or darkness ?

Empire Rising (The Eskkar Saga/3) - Sam Barone (5 mars 2009)
3157 BC. At the eastern edge of the great southern desert in Mesopotamia, men are at war. Roaming bandits desperate for food, water, women, and slaves ravage vulnerable town. Yet one thing eludes them: gold. A rogue named Ariamus has joined forces with Korthac, a fierce bandit who saved his life, and together they set their sights on the impenetrable walled city of of Akkad, ruled by the former barbarian Eskkar and his enchanting wife Trella.
Korthac devises a brilliant plan to conquer the city from within. Slipping into Akkad in disguise, he will gradually win the trust of Trella. While Eskkar is away, bringing other towns into his burgeoning empire, Korthac and Ariamus will strike, wreaking havoc on the city in a way it never expects.
Told with rich historical detail and full of violence, sex, passion, and battles reminiscent of the best of Bernard Cornwell, The Road to Empire is a marvelous trip into the past.

Quest for Honour (The Eskkar Saga/4) - Sam Barone (2 septembre 2010)
At the dawn of history, an epic war is about to begin in the deadly quest for honour.
The city of Sumer, ruled by a brutal murderer and his vicious, power hungry sister, is poised to give birth to the mightiest empire in history. No one stands a chance as it brings a bloody war to all those who stand in its way, determined to crush and enslave those on its borders.
The little city state of Akkad must prepare its fledgling nation to fight for its very survival. Akkad's warriors are a loyal and courageous brotherhood, but this is not a battle of villages or of roving warrior bands; it is a battle for Empire and a fight to the death...

Battle for Empire (The Eskkar Saga/5) - Sam Barone (2 mai 2013)
Battle for Empire is the latest novel in Sam Barone's six part series, a bronze age historical saga in the tradition of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell, and Jean Auel. In Dawn of Empire, Eskkar the warrior and Trella the slave girl come together in a mighty struggle to survive a barbarian invasion and build mankind's first walled city. Fifteen years have passed, and under Trella's guidance, Akkad has become the most prosperous and powerful city in the Land Between the Rivers. Now Eskkar and Trella face new menaces to their growing empire - an invasion from the north, the return of the hostile steppes horsemen, and their rebellious son, Sargon, who threatens to destroy everything his parents have worked so hard to create. Eskkar must face his former clan in a battle that only one side can survive. Meanwhile, his son Sargon, instead of preparing for his role as heir to the throne, falls deeper into idleness and disrepute. In desperation, his parents banish Sargon, sending him to the barbarian warriors of the steppes to learn honor or die. But even as he dreams of taking power from his parents, Sargon encounters Tashanella, the beautiful and gifted daughter of the clan's chief. She shows Sargon a different path to the future. When he is suddenly thrust into battle, Sargon discovers that he must learn the way of the warrior not only to survive, but to save Tashanella's life, and the city of Akkad. As Eskkar and Trella deal with the northern invasion, Bracca, Eskkar's companion from the old days, risks his life to bring warning of yet another danger. The mighty Elamite Empire, the near mythical land beyond the mountains, has cast its eyes on the riches of the Land Between the Rivers. The Elamites must expand to survive, and they, too, plan to invade the Land Between the Rivers and reduce its people to slavery. Eskkar and Trella must find some way to defeat this vastly superior force, not of untrained barbarian hordes, but skilled soldiers led by experienced conquerors. All of Eskkar's battle skills will be put to the test. And Sargon becomes the reluctant warrior who holds the key not only to Akkad salvation, but to his parents' survival.

Eskkar & Bracca - Rogue Warriors/1 (The Eskkar Saga) - Sam Barone (12 juillet 2013)
At the start of the Bronze Age, the first walled city arose in The Land Between the Rivers. This city, Akkad, would create the world's first empire, and Eskkar the outcast barbarian would play a leading role. But in the years before the founding of Akkad, Eskkar would wander the land, struggling to stay alive. His only friend and companion, Bracca, a Sumerian thief, accompanied him. Together they shared danger as they traveled from one adventure to the next, almost always pursed by some angry group of villagers.

In one of those adventures, Eskkar is reunited with Iltani. He'd saved her from bandits while still a boy. Now he has to fight to protect her again, this time from land hungry murderers who want her farm.


Jason BORN

Jason Born is the author of The Wald Chronicles, a research-intensive set of historical novels detailing the Germanic tribesmen and their struggle against Rome. The first two books in the series - The Wald & Wald Afire - are available now. He is also the author of The Norseman Chronicles, a scrupulously researched set of historical novels telling the story of the Viking, Halldorr, who simply desired a warm hearth and a plump wife.
Jason lives with his own plump wife and three skinny children in Ohio. By day he works as an analyst and portfolio manager for a private Registered Investment Advisory firm. After dinner and on weekends he reads voraciously, finding time to write for fun. He is currently hard at work writing his sixth historical novel, the last of The Wald Chronicles.

Wald Afire (The Wald Chronicles/2) by Jason Born (14 septembre 2013)
The Wald (The Wald Chronicles/1) by Jason Born (21 mai 2013)
Norseman Chief (Norseman Chronicles/3) by Jason Born (26 novembre 2012)
Paths of the Norseman (Norseman Chronicles/2) by Jason Born (3 juin 2012)
The Norseman (Norseman Chronicles/1) by Jason Born (12 janvier 2012)



Nick Brown grew up in Norfolk and has taught English and history in both the UK and abroad. He was inspired to try his hand at historical fiction after reading C.J. Sansom's Dissolution. The Siege was his first novel and was followed in 2012 by The Imperial Banner. The third in the Agent of Rome series, The Far Shore, is out in July, 2013. Hodder & Stoughton will publish three more books in the series between 2014 and 2016.
Find out more at
Follow Nick on Twitter @randomrome.
Find Agent of Rome on Facebook.

The Far Shore (Agent of Rome/3) by Nick Brown (18 juillet 2013)
The Imperial Banner (Agent of Rome/2) by Nick Brown (28 mars 2013)
The Siege (Agent of Rome/1) by Nick Brown (19 janvier 2012)
The Eleventh Hour by Nick Brown (20 juin 2013)
Death This Day by Nick Brown (26 avril 2012)


Christian CAMERON

Plusieurs cycles historiques ont vu le jour sous la plume du reconstituteur (re-enactor) américain Christian Cameron, notamment Long War (les Guerres médiques) et Tyrant (les aventures de l'officier de cavalerie Kinéas, ancien compagnon - désabusé - d'Alexandre le Grand, qui s'est loué comme mercenaire au service du tyran d'Olbia).

Christian Cameron was born in the US, in Pittsburg PA, in 1962 and grew up in Rochester, NY and Iowa City, Iowa, as well as Rockport MA. He attended high school at McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester NY and got an honors BA in Medieval History at the University of Rochester. After University, Mr. Cameron joined the United States Navy as an Ensign, serving in VS 31 as an air intelligence officer and gaining his Air Observer wings before going to spend the rest of his military career as a humint officer, first with NCIS and later with DHS, serving in the first Gulf War, Somalia, and central Africa on numerous occasions. Mr. Cameron left the US military in 2000 as a Lieutenant Commander.
While still serving in the Navy, Mr. Cameron proposed his first novel with his father (Kenneth Cameron, American novelist and playwright) to Harper Collins UK, which was published in 1996 as 'Night Trap' in the UK and «Rules of Engagement» in the United States. In 2002, Mr. Cameron wrote his first solo novel, «Washington and Caesar», published by Harper Collins in the UK and Random House in the US. Also in 2002, Mr. Cameron moved to Canada and married his wife, Sarah. They have one child, Beatrice. They live in Toronto.
Mr. Cameron is a passionate historical reenactor, with interests in the American Revolution ( and the Persian wars ( His author website is

Tom Swan and the Head of St George: Part Nine by Christian Cameron (10 avril 2014)
Tom Swan and the Head of St George: Part Eight by Christian Cameron (13 mars 2014)
Tom Swan and the Head of St George: Part Seven by Christian Cameron (13 février 2014)
Tom Swan and the Head of St. George Part Six: Chios by Christian Cameron (20 juin 2013)
Tom Swan and the Head of St. George Part Five: Rhodes by Christian Cameron (9 mai 2013)
Tom Swan and the Head of St. George Part Four: Rome by Christian Cameron (11 avril 2013)
Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part Two: Venice by Christian Cameron (20 septembre 2012)
Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part One: Castillon by Christian Cameron (23 août 2012)
Symposium/3: A SideQuest Comic (The Foreworld Saga) by Christian Cameron & Dmitry Bondarenko (1er avril 2014)
Symposium/2: A SideQuest Comic (The Foreworld Saga) by Christian Cameron & Dmitry Bondarenko (22 octobre 2013)
Symposium/1: A SideQuest Comic (The Foreworld Saga) by Christian Cameron & Dmitry Bondarenko (9 juillet 2013)
The Great King (Long War/4) by Christian Cameron (2 janvier 2014)
Poseidon's Spear (Long War/3) by Christian Cameron (14 mars 2013)
Marathon (Long War/2) by Christian Cameron (1er mars 2012)
Killer of Men (Long War/1) by Christian Cameron (26 mai 2011)
Alexander: God of War by Christian Cameron (11 octobre 2012)
The Ill-Made Knight by Christian Cameron (1er août 2013)
Destroyer of Cities (Tyrant/5) by Christian Cameron (10 octobre 2013)
King of the Bosporus (Tyrant/4) by Christian Cameron (13 octobre 2011)
Funeral Games (Tyrant/3) by Christian Cameron (21 janvier 2010)
Storm of Arrows (Tyrant/2) by Christian Cameron (15 Oct 2009)
Tyrant (Tyrant/1) by Christian Cameron (29 décembre 2008)
Washington & Caesar by Christian Cameron (janvier 2001)


John Henry CLAY

De la [Grande-]Bretagne des Âges Sombres à l'évangélisation de la Hesse, J.H. Clay arpente le Haut-Moyen Âge.

I was born in Birmingham in 1980, and spent much of my childhood, it seems, clambering around ancient ruins on family days out. This obviously made an impression, since in 1998 I headed off to the University of York to study archaeology, and then spent a couple of years as a professional archaeologist in the Republic of Ireland.
Digging by day and teaching myself Latin before a peat fire by night, I plotted my return to university. In 2004 I began my PhD at the Centre for Medieval Studies in York, and spent the next few years studying Anglo-Saxon missionaries in Germany. I also lived for a while in Utrecht and Vienna, and excavated in Mexico, before being appointed Lecturer in Medieval History at Durham University.
But all this time there was another story that just wouldn't let me go - a tale of adventure and romance set in late Roman Britain. Eventually it emerged as my first novel, The Lion and the Lamb, which was published in 2013.
I can see many other novels to come, all exploring the mysterious world of Late Antiquity - the time of a crumbling empire, and the emergence of a new world of barbarian kings, warfare, and vibrant art; the time commonly known as the Dark Ages...

The Lion and the Lamb by John Henry Clay (4 juillet 2013)
In the Shadow of Death: Saint Boniface and the Conversion of Hessia, 721-54 by John-Henry Clay (31 décembre 2010)

The Lion and the Lamb - John Henry Clay (4 juillet 2013)
Condemned to a hovel, beaten by a merciless commander, crushed by the weather and forced to survive on starvation rations: no one looking at Paul would ever guess that he is heir to one of Roman Britain's wealthiest families. But Paul had his reasons for joining the army and fleeing the family he loves.
But when rumours of a barbarian uprising from beyond the Wall begin to circulate, Paul realises that his family is in grave danger.
With only the former slave-girl Eachna for company, Paul deserts the army, for which the penalty is death, and undertakes a hazardous journey across Britain where danger lurks round every corner.
Epic in scope, rich with historical detail, The Lion and the Lamb is a novel of Roman Britain on the cusp of the Dark Ages, when all that stands between her citizens and oblivion is one family.


Berwick COATES

Guillaume le Conquérant, duc de Normandie, vainc le roi saxon Harold à Hastings (1066).

Berwick Coates was educated at Kingston Grammar School, and read History at Cambridge. Since then, he has been at various times an Army officer, writer, artist, lecturer, careers adviser, games coach, and teacher of History, English, Latin, and Swahili. He has published nine books, ranging from A-Level History and popular history to memoirs, humour, cartoons, and light verse.
He has taught every age and every ability from primary remedial to Oxbridge entrance. He has lectured to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, on subjects ranging from Alexander the Great and Hannibal, through medieval and early modern history, to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
His latest book is a collection of fifty views of Christmas (illustrated by himself), entitled 'The Perfect Christmas Present'. He has also written four historical novels and one modern one. He is at present finishing a book of teaching memoirs.

The Last Conquest by Berwick Coates (12 septembre 2013)

The Last Conquest - Berwick Coates (12 septembre 2013)
Hastings, October 1066. The Normans have landed in Sussex, ready for battle. They have prepared for everything about the English - except their absence... Their enemy, King Harold and his fyrd, are hundreds of miles away, fighting to expel the Viking host in the north. But they have heard that William has landed and rumour is that they are marching back, triumphant and dangerous - and spoiling for a second victory. Back in Sussex, Gilbert, a young scout in William's army, is sent out in search of the enemy. He is dedicated and ambitious, and determined to be the first with news for his leader. Deep in the English countryside, Edwin, houndsman to King Harold, longs too for glory. He has missed the first battle against the Vikings, but he will not miss the second. He knows his king is about to make history, and he is going to be part of it. And as the action sweeps up towards the hilltop close to Hastings where Harold will plant his standard - defying the Bastard of Normandy to come and get it - the ground is laid for battle. This is the story of the greatest battle ever seen on British soil and of the men who fought it. This is the story of the Battle of Hastings.



Auteur de plusieurs séries sur le Haut Moyen Âge, Bernard Cornwell est également connu pour une impressionnante collection sur les événements guerriers du début du XIXe s. comme le Siège de Seringapatam (1799) ou la Campagne de Salamanque (juin-juillet 1812)... Ses Warrior Chronicles, Warlord Chronicles et The Grail Quest restituent les «Temps arthuriens», période charnière entre le Bas-Empire et le Haut-Moyen Âge.

Bernard Cornwell was born in London, raised in Essex, and now lives mainly in the USA with his wife. In addition to the hugely successful Sharpe novels, Bernard Cornwell is the author of the Starbuck Chronicles, the Warlord trilogy, the Grail Quest series and the Alfred series.

The Pagan Lord (Warrior Chronicles/7) by Bernard Cornwell (26 septembre 2013)
1356 by Bernard Cornwell (6 juin 2013)
Heretic (The Grail Quest/3) by Bernard Cornwell (25 avril 2013)
Vagabond (The Grail Quest/2) by Bernard Cornwell (25 avril 2013)
Harlequin (The Grail Quest/1) by Bernard Cornwell (25 avril 2013)
Death of Kings (The Warrior Chronicles/6) by Bernard Cornwell (24 mai 2012)
The Burning Land (The Warrior Chronicles/5) by Bernard Cornwell (27 mai 2010)
The Lords of the North (The Warrior Chronicles/3) by Bernard Cornwell (27 mai 2010)
The Pale Horseman (The Warrior Chronicles/2) by Bernard Cornwell (27 mai 2006)
Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur (Warlord Chronicles/3) by Bernard Cornwell (7 juillet 2011)
Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur (Warlord Chronicles/2) by Bernard Cornwell (7 juillet 2011)
The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur (Warlord Chronicles/1) by Bernard Cornwell (7 juillet 2011)
The Last Kingdom (The Warrior Chronicles/1) by Bernard Cornwell (27 mai 2010)
Sword Song (Alfred the Great/4) by Bernard Cornwell (27 mai 2010)
Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell (11 Jun 2009)
Stonehenge: A Novel of 2000 BC by Bernard Cornwell (5 Jun 2000)



Peter Darman est surtout connu par ses ouvrages sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale et la Guerre civile espagnole, celles du Golfe, d'Afghanistan ou d'Irak; les troupes d'élite (SAS etc.) et leurs techniques de survie... Ses Parthian Chronicles retracent le conflit de Rome avec les Arsacides et s'achèvent sur le désastre de Crassus à Carrhae.

Born in the great county of Lincolnshire and educated at the King's School in Grantham (where Sir Isaac Newton was also educated, though not at the same time !), I began writing over 20 years ago. You can find out all about me and my books by taking a look at my website :

The Sword Brothers (The Crusader Chronicles/1) by Peter Darman (4 novembre 2013)
Carrhae (The Parthian Chronicles/4) by Peter Darman (27 septembre 2013)
Parthian Vengeance (The Parthian Chronicles/3) by Peter Darman (2 août 2013)
Parthian Dawn (The Parthian Chronicles/2) by Peter Darman (24 juillet 2013)
The Parthian (The Parthian Chronicles/1) by Peter Darman (20 juillet 2013)


Lindsey DAVIS

Nous avons déjà évoqué les polars «antiques» de Lindsey Davis, dont l'action se passe sous les Flaviens et dont une partie a été traduite aux Champs-Élysées, dans la collection «Labyrinthe» (click) & (click).

Lindsey Davis has written nineteen novels, beginning with The Course of Honour, the love story of the Emperor Vespasian and Antonia Caenis. Her bestselling mystery series features laid-back First Century detective Marcus Didius Falco and his partner Helena Justina, plus friends, relations, pets and bitter enemy the Chief Spy. Her books are translated into many languages and serialised on BBC Radio 4. Past Chair of the Crimewriters' Association and a Vice President of the Classical Association, she has won the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger, the Dagger in the Library, and a Sherlock award for Falco as Best Comic Detective. She was born in Birmingham but now lives in London.

Enemies at Home. A Flavia Albia Mystery (Flavia Albia Mysteries/2) by Lindsey Davis (10 juin 2014)
The Ides of April. Falco - The New Generation (Flavia Albia/1) by Lindsey Davis (26 septembre 2013)
Master and God by Lindsey Davis (27 septembre 2012)
Nemesis (Falco/20) by Lindsey Davis (3 février 2011)
Rebels and Traitors by Lindsey Davis (2 septembre 2010)
Falco - The Official Companion (A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery) by Lindsey Davis (3 juin 2010)
Alexandria (Falco/19) by Lindsey Davis (4 février 2010)
Saturnalia (A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery) by Lindsey Davis & Christian Rodska (15 novembre 2010)
Saturnalia (Falco/18) by Lindsey Davis (1er février 2007)
See Delphi and Die (Falco/17) by Lindsey Davis (1er Jun 2006)
Scandal Takes a Holiday (Falco/16) by Lindsey Davis (4 avril 2013)
The Accusers (Falco/15) by Lindsey Davis (4 avril 2013)
The Jupiter Myth (Falco/14) by Lindsey Davis (4 avril 2013)
A Body in the Bath House (Falco/13) by Lindsey Davis (4 avril 2013)
Ode to a Banker (Falco/12) by Lindsey Davis (2 novembre 2000)
One Virgin too Many (Falco/11) by Lindsey Davis (3 juin 1999)
Two for the Lions (Falco/10) by Lindsey Davis (5 février 2009)
Three Hands in the Fountain (Falco/9) by Lindsey Davis (5 février 2009)
A Dying Light in Corduba (Falco/8) by Lindsey Davis (7 août 2008)
Time to Depart (Falco/7) by Lindsey Davis (7 août 2008)
Last Act in Palmyra (Falco/6) by Lindsey Davis (7 août 2008)
Poseidon's Gold (Falco/5) by Lindsey Davis (octobre 1994)
The Iron Hand of Mars. A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery (Falco/4) by Lindsey Davis (août 1993)
Venus in Copper (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries) by Lindsey Davis (18 janvier 2011)
Venus In Copper (Falco/3) by Lindsey Davis (7 février 2008)
Shadows In Bronze (Falco/2) by Lindsey Davis (7 février 2008)
The Silver Pigs (Falco/1) by Lindsey Davis (7 février 2008)
The Silver Pigs (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries) by Lindsey Davis (octobre 2006)
The Course of Honor by Lindsey Davis (février 2003)

Falco on the Loose: «Last Act in Palmyra», «Time to Depart», «A Dying Light in Corduba» by Lindsey Davis (6 novembre 2003)
Falco on His Metal: «Venus in Copper», «The Iron Hand of Mars», «Poseidon's Gold» (3 titles omnibus) by Lindsey Davis (4 novembre 1999)

Tod eines Senators by Lindsey Davis (31 octobre 2013)
Mord in Londinium (The Jupiter Myth) by Lindsey Davis (31 octobre 2013)
Eine Jungfrau zu viel by Lindsey Davis (31 octobre 2013)
Eine Leiche im Badehaus by Lindsey Davis (31 octobre 2013)
Delphi sehen und sterben. Ein neuer Fall für Marcus Didius Falco by Lindsey Davis & Susanne Aeckerle (26 novembre 2010)
Das Geheimnis des Scriptors. Ein neuer Fall für Marcus Didius Falco by Lindsey Davis & Susanne Aeckerle (9 novembre 2009)

Enemies at Home. A Flavia Albia Mystery (Flavia Albia Mysteries) - Lindsey Davis (10 juin 2014)
From renowned author Lindsey Davis, creator of the much-loved character, Marcus Didius Falco and his friends and family, comes the second novel in her all-new series set in Ancient Rome. We first met Flavia Albia, Falco's feisty adopted daughter, in The Ides of April. Albia is a remarkable woman in what is very much a man's world: young, widowed and fiercely independent, she lives alone on the Aventine Hill in Rome and makes a good living as a hired investigator. An outsider in more ways than one, Albia has unique insight into life in ancient Rome, and she puts it to good use going places no man could go, and asking questions no man could ask. Even as the dust settles from her last case, Albia finds herself once again drawn into a web of lies an intrigue. A mysterious death at a local villa begs may be murder and, as the household slaves are implicated, Albia is once again forced to involve herself. Her fight is not just for truth and justice, however; this time, she's also battling for the very lives of people who can't fight for themselves. Enemies at Home presents Ancient Rome as only Lindsey Davis can, offering wit, intrigue, action and the further adventures of a brilliant new heroine who promises to be as celebrated as Marcus Didius Falco and Helena Justina, her fictional predecessors.



Son cycle Legionary raconte les aventures de l'optio Numerius Vitellius Pavo et démarre en 376 de n.È. Quant à celui de Stratégos, il gravite autour de la bataille de Manzikert (Arménie, 26 août 1071), où les Turcs seljoukides infligèrent une défaite décisive à l'empereur byzantin Romain IV Diogène.

I'm a Scottish writer, addicted to reading and writing historical fiction. My love of history was piqued during spells living and working close to both Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall, sites of rich history winding back through thousands of years. The later Roman Empire and Byzantium hold a particular fascination for me.
I list many fine authors amongst my influences, including: Simon Scarrow, David Gemmell, Sam Barone, Conn Iggulden, Simon Turney, Bernard Cornwell, Ben Kane & Valerio Massimo Manfredi. I also enjoy reading and writing sci-fi and black comedy.
My Legionary series is set in the Eastern Roman Empire circa 376 AD and follows the adventures of the border legions as the empire begins to waver under the relentless crush of barbarians from the east and the north.
My Strategos trilogy is set around the build up to the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 AD and follows the dark and troubled life of a Byzantine general in a land riven with bloodshed and doubt.
All of my novels are available from good online stores in paperback and eBook format. Happy reading !

Land of the Sacred Fire (Legionary/3) by Gordon Doherty (28 octobre 2013)
Viper of the North (Legionary/2) by Gordon Doherty (14 septembre 2012)
Legionary/1 by Gordon Doherty (6 juin 2011)
Strategos: Rise of the Golden Heart by Gordon Doherty (5 juin 2013)
Strategos: Born in the Borderlands by Gordon Doherty (24 novembre 2011)
Historical Tales by S.J.A. Turney, Gordon Doherty, Prue Batten & Tim Hodkinson (4 décembre 2013)

Legionary (Legionary/1) - Gordon Doherty (6 juin 2011)
The Roman Empire is crumbling, and a shadow looms in the east...
376 AD: the Eastern Roman Empire is alone against the tide of barbarians swelling on her borders. Emperor Valens juggles the paltry border defences to stave off invasion from the Goths north of the Danube. Meanwhile, in Constantinople, a pact between faith and politics spawns a lethal plot that will bring the dark and massive hordes from the east crashing down on these struggling borders.

The fates conspire to see Numerius Vitellius Pavo, enslaved as a boy after the death of his legionary father, thrust into the limitanei, the border legions, just before they are sent to recapture the long-lost eastern Kingdom of Bosporus. He is cast into the jaws of this plot, so twisted that the survival of the entire Roman world hangs in the balance...

Viper of the North (Legionary/2) - Gordon Doherty (14 septembre 2012)
The Danubian frontier is weaker than ever, and a storm is gathering in the north...
Deep winter, 376 AD: Emperor Valens has withdrawn the field armies from Moesia and Thracia to fight in the Persian War. The impoverished limitanei legions left behind to defend the banks of the River Danubius are now all that stand between the war-hungry Goths and heart of the Eastern Roman Empire.

For Numerius Vitellius Pavo and the men of the XI Claudia, the brief from Emperor Valens is simple: to avoid war with the Goths at all costs while the Roman defences are so weak. But in the frozen lands north of the Danubius a dark legend, thought long dead, has risen again. The name is on the lips of every warrior in Gutthiuda; the one who will unite the tribes, the one whose armies will march upon the empire, the one who will bathe in Roman blood...
The Viper !

Land of the Sacred Fire (Legionary/3) - Gordon Doherty (28 octobre 2013)
The empire is on its knees, but a last hope lies beyond the eastern frontier...
377 AD: Emperor Valens has stripped the Persian frontier of its legions, sending every available man to Thracia in an effort to contain the rampaging Gothic hordes. Now, covetous eyes have fallen upon Rome's trade-rich but sparsely defended desert provinces. Shapur II, Shahanshah of the Sassanid Empire and his many client kings have long believed Rome's eastern holdings to be theirs by ancestral right, and those lands have never been more vulnerable. Thus, Valens must grasp at the slimmest of hopes that a Persian invasion can be staved off, not by the brute force of absent legions, but by the tenacity of a hardy few. For in the heart of enemy lands, something thought long lost might just offer salvation.

When Optio Numerius Vitellius Pavo and a select group of the XI Claudia are summoned to the Persian front, they leave Thracia behind, knowing little of what awaits them. They know only that they are to march into a burning land of strange gods. They whisper tales of the mighty Persian Savaran cavalry and pray to Mithras they will see their homes and families again. All too soon it becomes clear to them that this is no ordinary mission - indeed, the very fate of the empire might rest upon their efforts. But for Pavo the burden is weightier still, for he knows that the east also holds something even more precious to him... the truth about his father.



The Iron Castle (Outlaw Chronicles/6) by Angus Donald (3 juillet 2014)
Grail Knight (Outlaw Chronicles/5) by Angus Donald (août 2013)
Warlord (Outlaw Chronicles/4) by Angus Donald (mai 2013)
King's Man (Outlaw Chronicles/3) by Angus Donald (juillet 2012)
Holy Warrior (Outlaw Chronicles/2) by Angus Donald (juillet 2010)
Outlaw (Outlaw Chronicles/1) by Angus Donald (juillet 2009)

The Iron Castle (Outlaw Chronicles) - Angus Donald (click) (3 juillet 2014)
AD 1203: Robin Hood Must Turn the Tide of War. England and France are locked in a brutal struggle for power. The fate of the embattled duchy of Normandy is in the hands of the weak and untrustworthy King John. Facing disaster, he calls for help from a former outlaw - Robin Hood.
As King Philip II's army rips through the Norman defences, Robin - the Earl of Locksley - leads a savage mercenary force into battle under the English banner, supported by his loyal lieutenant Sir Alan Dale. But defeat is only one castle away.